Time Visualisation

After reading one of dr. Zimbardo’s books, I’ve discovered an interest in understanding how we visualise time, curious if I’d stumble upon some patterns. As I started asking people about it, two kinds of results generally popped up; they either had no idea what I was talking about, or they could relate to it in some way. I’d ask if they see time in any way, shape, colour, recurrence, texture…and if they could capture it on paper no matter the time-span that came to their mind (hours of a day, days of the week, weeks of the month, months of the year, years of life, life in perspective to centuries, millennia etc).

So what happened was... 

Few minutes later I’d witness a very personal drawing, tied to their unique socio-emotional history, explaining why Wednesdays are blue or Sundays are “lower” than Mondays…Just as I had intuited, magic happened, time was real and it had a reason to be the way it is.


The more distant I was getting from discovering patterns and assigning any scientific value to it, the closer I got to enjoying the variety of these unique perceptions. Everyone had their own interpretation, and what started of as a research is now more of a gentle interview where life events, routines and personality types are reflected in the way people perceive (or not) the flow of time. 


Attached a few examples. The “interview” is an ongoing learning process, as still experimenting with what kind of questions work best. For now it’s just some general intro to spun the conversation and make people at ease to consciously think about this possibly for the first time and put it down on paper. I don’t know what it is yet, or what it may become - a book, a documentary, a blogpost, a forgotten memoire…For the time being, it’s something that I cannot stop investigating. 

Last update 5 Jun 2018

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